Foxtrail – fun in Lugano

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In Lugano, the fox takes chasers across the entire Mediterranean-style town. You'll search for secret treasure and will need to rescue knights, decipher ancient lettering and follow traces of blood.

The fox has laid its trails. Secret messages, hidden clues and many tricky and perplexing challenges show you the way from one stop to the next. You are out on the trail by yourself and never know what’s waiting in store for you – even people familiar with the region are bound to discover new things. The Foxtrail takes you through towns and countryside on foot and using various means of transport. The trails last between 1.5 and 4.5 hours. All you’ll need is good shoes and a mobile phone per group in case you need to call the hotline. Pricing depends on your age and the length of the trail. Simply book online through the website, print the starting instructions and enjoy solving the puzzles!

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Foxtrail (Foxtrail Schweiz GmbH)

Tribschenstrasse 78

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