Local route No. 817, Elm (Obererbs)–Elm (Ämpächli)


Local route
No. 817 (Elm (Obererbs)–Elm (Ämpächli))
6 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 150 m • ↓ 380 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1482 m • 1702 m
Hiking time
1 h 40 min
easy (hiking trail)
Fitness level
As there a few meters in altitude to climb, this hike is popular with families, groups and senior citizens. You arrive with the bus from Elm to Obererbs. And for descending from Ämpächli, a cable car, mountain carts or kick scooters are available.
In the valley where the former ski-star Vreni Schneider began her incredible career; and place of the famous fizzy-lemon drink and renowned Martinsloch, a wonderful holiday region awaits discovery. Numerous hiking paths along with the production of the specialities Schiefertafeln and Ziegerstöckli (cheeses) are typical to this region - and this cosy spot snugly encircled by the soaring and majestic Glarner Alps has most surprising scenery in store. The scenic hike leads at an altitude of around 1600m from the Erbsalp over the Bischofalp to Ämpächli; accompanied by unique panoramic views over the UNESCO World Heritage territory and the Martinsloch, and beforehand also the Hausstock. Moreover, places to grill and take a break are found along the way. The majority of the path is in Freiberg Kärpf; Europe’s oldest game reserve. And the hike is ideal for families, schools and clubs as well as senior citizens.

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