Schlittelpiste Brunni

Local route No. 420, Engelberg, Brunnihütte–Engelberg, Ristis


Local route
No. 420 (Engelberg, Brunnihütte–Engelberg, Ristis)
2 km
Lowest point • Highest point
1593 m • 1859 m
Sledging on the sunny side of Engelberg – the Brunni slopes with gorgeous views of the Titlis are the perfect place to sledge under the sun.
From Engelberg railway station the free local bus service takes you to the Brunni valley station. The gondola lift will take you up to Ristis, where you change onto the chairlift up to the Brunni mountain hut. Directly beside the mountain hut lies lake Härzlisee, on which the peaks of massif Titlis are reflected. Once you get to the hut, you can choose between two routes back down to the chairlift station. The Rinderbüehl route takes you straight down the slope before twisting sharply to the left and heading down to Ristis in the direction of Hütismatt. The Zigerboden route is only open when there is sufficient snow. This second route is more challenging and not really suitable for small children. If you feel peckish while you ride, that’s no problem: the Brunni hut at the top and the mountain lodge in Ristis at the bottom both offer a range of food and drinks. After a day of sledging fun, the gondola lift will take you back down to the valley.

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