Via Ferrata in the Mauvoisin Gorge


The overall 600-meter long Via Ferrata in the Mauvoisin Gorge consists of two 250 and 350 meter-long sections as well as several bridges. The Via Ferrata is open each year from 1 July to 31 October.

Two climbing sections of varying levels of difficulty

Both sections of the via ferrata can be negotiated either consecutively or independently. The first part "Saxifrage" starts at the picnic area and leads into the Dranse Gorge. From there, via a first small suspension bridge you make your way to the other side. From this point on, over a 250 meter-long via ferrata equipped with 320 rungs and cables, you make your way to the old bridge. This part has been classified with level of difficulty K3 (quite difficult) and is designed for children of minimum eight years of age.

The second part, "Tichodrome" requires a good physical condition and certainly a good head for heights. Here much more concentration and effort is required. The first suspension bridge is 35 meters long and 40 meters high. The second measures 65 meters in length and is 55 meters in height. However, it is possible to turn back after the first crossing. A 75-meter long band of rock equipped with 400 rungs adds to exciting outdoor adventure - and this section is classified K4 (difficult).

Inspired by the names of flora and fauna and abundant species in the upper Bangital valley, Saxifrage is an endangered plant species found solely in Switzerland’s Dransetal valleys. The Tichodrome builds its nest in the rocky walls of the Dranse Gorge.


Park your vehicle on the parking spot close to the Hôtel de Mauvoisin (free of charge). From the hotel, follow the hiking path that leads down to Madzeria. The climb takes roughly 10 minutes.

Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata leads beneath the Mauvoisin dam, through the depths hollowed out by the waters of the rocky Dranse Gorge. It was set up by the company MTM Maret on behalf of the municipality Bangis and the agency responsible for the regional development of the Bangital valley.

Technical specifications

First section (Saxifraga)

220 meter-long route fitted with cables 320 rungs 1 suspension bridge (Length: 15 meters) Level of difficulty: quite difficult Reduced distance between the rungs of the via ferrata so that children (minimum 8 years of age) can share in the adventures of a via ferrata ascent. The highest point of the route is at roughly 25 meters above the Dranse.

Second section (Tichodrome)

350 meter-long route fitted with cables 400 rungs at 180 meters 2 suspension bridges (Length: 15 meters) 1st: Length 35 meters / height 30 meters 2nd: Length 60 meters / height 40 meters Rock band: Length approx. 75 meters Level of difficulty: difficult
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