Schwandalpweiher Kneipp facility


At the Schwandalp pond, high above the village of Flühli in the beautiful landscape of Waldemmen valley in Lucerne, is the Flühli Wasser Cooperative’s natural Kneipp facility.
Take off your shoes, roll up your trousers and step into 6°C water! At the foot of Schwändelifluh, high above the Waldemmen valley, a small pond fed by two water sources is set against a bright tapestry of wild flowers. Originally designed as a reservoir for the small power station of a timber mill and wood products factory, it was converted to a health facility in the style of Sebastian Kneipp in 2003. After a spot of hydrotherapy in the water treading pool, you can walk along the barefoot path to the rest area. A dozen different types of material underfoot, such as wood, spruce cones and glass, help stimulate your circulation. An arm bath, hot-cold shower and final tour of the sweet-smelling herb garden await.
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General info

  • Outdoor
  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Experience Type: Relax, Nature

Genossenschaft Flühli Wasser

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